hot...? Thermaltake Sword M case...$169.99...


Jul 20, 2008
the Sword M is usually around $400 IIRC, does anyone have on of these...? it looks like a freaking monster with plenty of room for just about anything you could want to put in there, anyway, they also have the V9 Black Edition for $59.99 (both of these prices are shipped)...

the V9 is a refurb, the Sword M is BNIB, I've always been lucky with refurbs so that never really factors into my decision...

Only Sword I see on the store is this, with is $399. The V9 Black Edition is here, and that's $99.

Not sure where you're getting your prices here.
Coupon code TTCPN-VD5000BNA-MEM10 is on the front page...

When trying to add to cart.

Why yes, yes it is. However out of the two items that I referenced, the Sword is just plain unavailable and the V9 is not applicable. "Coupon code ttcpn-vd5000bna-mem10 only applies to certain store items. None of these items are in your shopping basket." There is this for $49, which is not the black edition.

And 40% would only bring the out-of-stock chassis to $240.