Hot? Shell Shocker @ newegg. XPG 2TB NVME Gen 4 on sale for $229.99

I can't remember - is this one of those that had vastly different performance/components in later versions than earlier ones? Is this Phison E18 or is it E16?
Per Tom's Hardware: "Adata’s XPG Gammix S50 Lite is a mainstream M.2 NVMe SSD that serves up intro-level PCIe 4.0 performance for those looking for a taste of what the standard has to offer but don’t want to splurge on more expensive SSDs. If you’re on the hunt for an affordable PCIe 4.0 SSD with a new controller, the Adata XPG Gammix S50 Lite is a top pick."
Not hot at all. Lackluster user feedback for this drive. The Sabrent 2TB NVME drives for $250 is only $20 more and far more solid feedback.
Not hot at all. Lackluster user feedback for this drive. The Sabrent 2TB NVME drives for $250 is only $20 more and far more solid feedback.

Maybe it was sabrent that was having vastly lower performance on later versions of the drive? I know its one of those "noteworthy, but not big name" lineups.
Regardless of whether ADATA bait-and-switched to a cheaper controller and NAND after earlier versions went to review sites, even the review version wouldn't be worth this price because it's Gen3 performance at best. I've got at least two different Gen3 drives that bench better than this one.
I got one of these when they were on sale around Christmas time for a similar price. It should not really be considered a gen 4 drive, more like a gen 3 plus. It is faster than my Samsug 960 Evo. It thus far seems to be a decent drive for $230 (2TB), but there are for sure much faster out there. I'd say $229 should be around it's every day price. I have had several Adata SSD's in various builds. Thus far I did have one die after about 6 months, it was used as a cache drive in my Synology NAS. Adata was quick to get me a replacement though and these do have a 5 year warranty. That said, I use it for as my primary game drive where I am not as worried if it dies.
I got a click and bait 2tb drive from Adata. I purchased from them via Newegg and they email me and said: we don't have the old drive anymore and we have a new drive that is better. After receiving it and running it it was no where near the performance advertised. I didn't think much of it at that time
and kept it. I never knew they did the switch. Needless to say I am never touching an Adata drive again. They can go to hell.
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Kingston did this on their drives. which is why i stopped buying kingston anything
This. Since 2014, anytime I've seen Kingston anything on a list of buying choices, I remember the V300 bait&switch and avoid. Memory, headphones, I don't care.

I have nothing against a company trying to make products cheaper, but when there is a change in product performance, it is no longer the same product, and should not be sold as.

Yes, the scummy thing is the conscious calculation that someone at corporate made that they can increase margin with the inferior components on the basis that many/most consumers won't know the difference, and they gambled that any bad PR would just be a momentary blip and blow over in the shortness of the internet's attention span.
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The switch was made with the xpg sx8200 pro 256/512/1tb/2tb drives. Those are the only confirmed drives to have had changes made to them with no notice to consumers.
It doesnt change the fact that ill never trust them again when buying any adata drive but just wanted to clarify.
Theres a utility that you can use to tell you which controller and nand your sx8200 pro drive has but i dont have it off hand. Ill post it up when im off my phone.