hot - 15% off herman miller store through Dec 15


Feb 28, 2001
15% off herman miller store through Dec 15

Aeron Chair
-15% $585.65

Embody Chair
-15% $1,027.65

Sayl Chair
-15% $398.65

Mirra 2 Chair
-15% $551.65

Caper Multipurpose Chair
-15% $339.15

Setu Chair
-15% $517.65

Celle Chair
-15% $466.65

Great deal for some real office chairs.

Love my Celle.


Jun 22, 2006
I have a Mirra and the break in period took a long time but now it's great. I also own a Steelcase Leap but prefer the Mirra. Herman Miller office chairs are worth their weight in gold. The Aeron is legendary!


Nov 14, 2006
I'm poor/cheap so I just have a Sayl but I love it. I beat up and replaced a couple of $80 office chairs from StapOfficeMaxDepot or wherever before getting the real thing, and it's lasted me a lot longer and is way more comfortable. These are worth the money.

One other thing I will say about HM for me is they stood behind their product when I had an issue. The original Sayl had a design defect where the rubber cover armpads for the armrest extended a little bit too far from the base molding. The effect was that over time as I used the arm rest as a support to get up and out of the chair, eventually the arm rubber began to flex and crack at the front end from the repeated stress of my weight. I reported this issue to HM and they had me bring the chair into the dealer where I bought it and replaced the molding structure and arm rests at no cost to me. Now the rubber and armrests have been redesigned and this is no longer an issue. They could've cheaped out and just replaced the rubber armpads over and over, but they didn't - they replaced the entire arm rest structure such that the design issue no longer exists.


[H]F Junkie
Sep 6, 2002
I was lucky enough to be given a barely-used older model HM Club chair. This thing is so nice that it had to become my gaming chair. The arm rests are very comfortable to lean on.

Only minor annoyance was that i had to put on furniture glides to keep it from wearing out my new carpet. But the glides give it about 1" of lift, which made the sitting height just right.