Homelab - Mail Relay Server for Cron


Limp Gawd
Mar 19, 2012
I used to use Google SMTP server for sending cron notifications in case of faults (e.g. mdadm array broken, smartctl errors, now ZFS, etc) but I am seeing that it's getting more and more unreliable.
In the paste i used msmtp to interface directly with the google server wih a gmail account.
Now, in an effort to setup clear messages (where the fault originates mostly) I set it up like this:

Network /20 -> Postfix Relay in LAN -> Google SMTP for Gapps relay server -> Delivery address

Problem is ... it's very unreliable. It used to work, but now if I am bombarded by cron messages in my network, the Google SMTP server basically bans me. The username & password didn't change so I guess I have been flagged as spam (sending too many emails to another gmail account of mine):
status=deferred (delivery temporarily suspended: SASL authentication failed; server smtp.gmail.com[*********] said: ******* Too many login attempts, please try again later. ****************** - gsmtp)

I thought about buying a domain and either:
- Use Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) - Or others such as sendgrid, etc
- Use a small VPS where I will setup both POP/IMAP/SMTP and all required users

Not sure if Amazon SES would fit the purpose, since I would also like a POP/IMAP access to be able to read what emails cron send out. So probably solution 2 is better and since I will only be sending emails to myself, spam blacklisting shouldn't be a problem, right?

Or what do you guys use for your homelab or small business, in case you want cron to send messages that you receive in your inbox ?
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I have been very happy with www.duocircle.com for various email related tools.
I use them as a MX forwarding relay as well as an outbound SMTP.
I quickly checked them but they seem to provide only outbound SMTP.
I would really like to have also POP/IMAP. Like from my LAN, send an email through the SMTP relay server and store it on the server where it can be accessed. That way I will be able to read notifications all the time (webmail, mobile app, ...).

Not sure if my explanation makes sense (could be it doesnt't :confused:).