homefront review

yeah, they were not impressed. I was not impressed after the first one, will not be getting this one any time soon.
I just wonder why gaming developers insist on making modern FPS games so linear and repetitive, along with long unskipable cutscenes really ruins the fun. The first game wasn't even that great, why was a sequel even made anyway.
It had potential. I was hoping for an american version of stalker, where you could just see "america" through many of the people, places and things, But it just missed on many levels and was very disappointing.
Wasn't expecting a lot from this game. I remember when the first one came out. So much hype THQ generated and then when the game came out it was a total fail.
I came back to this game today and two hours of free time disappeared. It's good. It's had several patches since it came out. (PC version)
Full Patch 1.06 Notes:
- Resistance Mode Map Pack #1 - 2 new missions, titled "Triage" & "Three Birds" are included
- Fix for missing map icons in Ashgate
- Fix for a vehicle blocking the SAM launcher convoy
- Performance optimisation on the mini map
- Save stall optimisation
- Autosave disabled on revive
- Animation performance optimisation
- Lighting optimisation
- Vehicle creation optimisation
- General bug fixes in Resistance Mode
- Fix for multiple binded keys being chang

I like this game and way more than I expected to. It might end up being my Dark Horse of the Year when all is said and done.
The game includes 2 levels from Timesplitters 2 in an arcade machine. I haven't played the game but at the very least it's got that going for it.