Home Theater setup questions


Aug 29, 2001
I'm about to move into my new house and I want to replace my current Netgear NAS with a QNAP TS-451+. I was planning on using the TS-451 as a file/media server. I'd like to be able to play back ripped movies to smartTV or my Xbox one connected to my TV in my living room. I don't think I'd need to transcode to mobile devices (would be either Iphones or Ipads) since they'd be too small for my likes to watch anything and I have a Surface 3 Pro I'd use in my basement in my hobby area to watch from or pipe it out to a screen to watch.

I'll be using direcTV as my TV provider for the next two years, but I'd like to maybe transition to something cheaper/free if possible also.

Is there anything I'm missing or didn't think about?


Supreme [H]ardness
Dec 23, 2001
Good start. I would build a cheap amd based plex server. Will cover all clients. Can direct stream(no transcoding) plus all major smart tvs have good plex apps built into them now.This then allow you to move to closer to cutting the cord. Here is my setup

Sling tv via chromecast
Plex using native samsung smart tv app
Sickbeard and usenet for all tv content
Hdhomerun ota tunner and amazon basic antenna which my samsung smart tv has access to. Only used for live shows and sporting type events

Hope this helps