Hololens Review: The practical future of HMD

Current Hololens specs. Lots more information in the article.
Microsoft HoloLens - Here are the full processor, storage and RAM specs

HoloLens Hardware Specifications
OS Windows 10.0.11802.1033
CPU Intel Atom x5-Z8100
1.04 GHz
Intel Airmont (14nm)
4 Logical Processors
64-bit capable
GPU/HPU HoloLens Graphics
GPU Vendor ID 8086h (Intel)
Dedicated Video Memory 114 MB
Shared System Memory 980 MB
Storage 64GB (54.09 GB available)
App Memory Usage Limit 900 MB
Battery 16,500 mWh
Camera Photos 2.4 MP (2048x1152)
Camera Video 1.1 MP (1408x792)
Video Speed 30 FPS
Build an AR device which can also block out the real world view and you have a hybrid device capable of both AR and VR. That's where I think we'll end up in the long term, rather than separate VR headsets which can't do anything else. Plus, if you can selectively block the real world view (i.e. add an alpha channel to the display) it will be better at compositing the virtual image over the real world than HoloLens' current tech and will work better in bright light etc. And then make it smaller. And more powerful. Ok, so it's a long way away but it's still exciting times. I would have a go with the HoloLens if it wasn't $3k.
For better fov try this: Augmented Reality - Home | Meta Company

Crossing my fingers for a hybrid of sorts, then I would be completely on board for the Holo Lens!
A buddy of mine has one at his work place.. moderately jealous and had to resist the urge to tailgate in a secured door so I could play with it. :|