Holiday family monitor shopping...27" class


[H]F Junkie
Feb 5, 2012
Curious what the peanut gallery would do. System for a family member needs a new monitor.

Background hardware: Windows 7x64, older system. The box is still running an AM6400+ CPU actually on a K9N Neo motherboard 2GB of RAM I built 10+ years back. Has an ancient Nvidia 8500GT GPU I think.

Background Usage: Home Office tasks. Email. Word. Document scanning and PDF making and so on. Multitasking across several docs/emails...hence the larger panel.

Now my old ZR30W that was on the way out (long story), finally died after 2 months of limping on....they liked the size boost from the 21-22" panel they'd been using. I figure a 27" is a nice compromise while keeping prices lower. They liked the IPS panel viewing angles otherwise. The ZR30 of course was a space heater due to being CCFL backlit (I suspect that is why it finally died)-so LED backlit is also on the docket.

2 options:

A) There's a gaggle of 27" 2560x1440 panels on Amazon Prime for $400-450USD. Asus, ViewSonic, I think even a Dell.

B) There's an LG 27" 4K panel for $360. Catch being, this would certainly require a new GPU as that old Nvidia card up above don't go past 2560* cheapo 4k-capable GPU can be had for $ I still come out about the same Cheddar score.

I'm waffling. The extra pixel density would come in handy for serif fonts...OTOH the user doesn't have "young" eyes. Since the user isn't doing anything related to gaming, ghosting/latency/response etc isn't even on the radar. While the high pixel density might be a thing on 3rd party programs-this user isn't running those 99% of the time. Color accuracy isn't that much of a thing, as most work is B/W. Mostly Office programs, so Windows 3rd-party-app scaling isn't much of a worry.

What do y'all think?


Oct 28, 2007
HP Omen . high contrast VA perfect for reading adn movies, bigger screen, similar price at same resolution.