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[H]ard|DCOTM x3 aka "That Company"
Jun 6, 2000
Received my Diamond
for Smash Childhood Cancer.

The timing of this, for me, is a little different than usual. A very close friend ours son, who recently turned 17, just started going through chemo and gods know what else due to testicular caner that spread to his lymph nodes. Stage 2 IIRC. Thankfully the boy had the brains to talk to his parents about something that didn't feel right vs. keeping his mouth shut. He's an amazing kid; exceptional actually. Brains, physical strength, generosity, humor and a handsome lad to boot. Seriously, this kids list of scholastic and physical accomplishments is amazing; but you'd never really guess as he just seems so... normal. All we can do is hope they caught it early enough for the meds, and his own sheer will, to do their job. This young man, his big sister and their parents were genuinely there for us when our youngest died four years ago. The thought of having to be on the flip side of that proverbial coin depresses me more than I can express.

Fuck cancer!