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Diamond 5yrs UGM
Although I still really have NFI what I'm doing. Emerald in MCM and bronze in a few of the others :)
Terrabyte, you may be in a state of NFI, but the results indicate otherwise. :) Keep at it.
I've made WCG my personal July project. We'll see how 96 threads can crunch for a month.
Been a bit since my last update. Big machines are in summer mod and only run 12 hours during the night.

  • Outsmart Ebola Together -
  • Mapping Cancer Markers -
  • FightAIDS@Home -
  • Uncovering Genome Mysteries -
  • The Clean Energy Project - Phase 2 -

Total Run Time: 36:057:08:21:03
Points: 46,610,190
Results: 78,659
I just passed a total runtime of 100 years.

My goal of 100yrs in MCM is still a longshot before the project ends. I'll be glad when I reach the goal (or the project concludes) as I am definitely ready to run something else.
Congrats guys
From my side : 22 years MCM, 3 years OET, 4 years UGM, started again FAAH with the new WUs
FAAH, Sapphire, 2 years, September 2015,

UGM, Sapphire, 2 years, September 2015,

MCM, Diamond, 20 years, August (?) 2015,
I hit my 100 year runtime goal in MCM a couple days ago!

(Does that little badge show up?)

This weekend I'll have to decide which sub-project (or project, though I will probably stay with WCG for now) to focus on next as MCM should be ending soon I think.