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Apr 19, 2004
When I install a fresh Windows, I'm able to set my resolution almost up to 1400x1600. However, when I install nvidia drivers, I can only go up to 1280x1024. I don't understand why.

It's probably my monitor holding me back? But it doesn't seem to show until I install those drivers.

I've got a SAMRON 76V 19" monitor that's near 5 years old. My video card is a eVGA GeForce 7900 GT.

Thank yah,
it looks like the data profile on the monitor is saying your max is 1280*1024. there should be a disable switch in the driver control panel but im not sure with nvid. i know there is one in ati.
If the max is 1280x1024 then it's definitely a 17 inch CRT, not a 19 inch. If it is actually a 19 inch then 1400x1600 shouldn't be much of a stretch considering that my 19 inch CRT is rated to perform up to 1920x1440.

Also, I wouldn't recomend pushing it past 1280x1024 if that's actually its limit; at 1400x1600 your monitor would definitely be producing a lot more heat then it would produce at 1280x1024; especially if you're running it at the same refresh rate. Doing that would probably shorten the lifespan of the monitor.

Also, 1400x1600 is a pretty f'ed up resolution. Your screen would be horrendously distorted.
GVX said:
Also, 1400x1600 is a pretty f'ed up resolution. Your screen would be horrendously distorted.

I think he probably meant 1600x1400, but I could be wrong... :eek:
It is a 19 inch CTR. Like I said, it's old. It was the only 19" on the market when all the rest were 17". I can't even find drivers for this monitor, the disc doesn't support XP. Anyway, XP comes with plug n' play drivers.

The top of my monitor is warm indeed.

I think I meant 1600x1400 though. It's a common resolutation in gaming.

I'd still really like to try out this resolution though.
Darundal is right 1600*1200 is the common. being that its a cheap 19 inch it might not actually support 1600*1200 and u were just running it over spec.. its hard to belive u can overclock a monitor but u did it.
yes you can. crts can run almost any resolution you tell them to. just be careful not to put a resolution beyond what your crt can take, there is a software that let you use any resolution you want, i just can't remember the name.
there is a setting you have to disable on the video card control panel, that will let you modify the resolution.
It's a 17" CRT rated for 1280x1024@65Hz. Windows is probably setting the resolution to whatever you say but you're probably still only seeing 1280x1024 on the screen.
well i know with ati drivers if u set the res above the supported on the monitor it will run at the monitors max and set the desktop space as what you say.
That's the maximum possible resolution. Any higher and it is not guaranteed to sync properly. READ: it may WORK, but you are operating the monitor beyond spec, and may shorten its life.

·1280x1024@65Hz Maximum Resolution


NOTE: if you want higher resolution, pay for a more expensive monitor.