High CPU usage Radeon Software from 20.5.1 to the latest new


Nov 20, 2020

I have issue with newer Radeon drivers, still from 20.5.1 I have high CPU usage 15-20% on Radeon Software Host Application and "compatibility" in Radeon don't showing on how good GPU and CPU Im running on...
The problem still occurs even on the latest version of the drivers 20.11.2 for now.
Version 20.4.2 is the last working drivers for me without this issue.

I read that a lot of people had a similar problem with high CPU usage since the release of version 20.5.1, they reported various fixes, which I tried, but it still did not solve the problem for me.

I tried completely uninstall all drivers with AMD CleanUp Utility and DDU software too.
I tried deleting folders in documents in Video folder named "Radeon ReLive", Capture folder and recreate them.
I tried turn on and than turn off stream, capture and other settings in Radeon.

So I wonder what's wrong, this version must contain some major changes, even if this update begins the installation requires a restart of the computer after installing the Radeon Software drivers.

Problems can be seen on the screenshots I attached below. CPU high usage in the task manager. And in the screens with Radeon Software at "Improvement advisor - game compatibility" you can see it doesn't show how good components i have, so I think the problem will be with something in this.

GPU: MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT Gaming X 8GB
CPU: Intel Core i7 6700
# amd drivers performance issue adrenalin cpu usage cpu problem cpu error ddu drivers high cpu usage issue radeon software 20.11.2 host application

Thank you for your time.


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Nov 20, 2020
System restore c: to a time before u had issue
Yes, I did it firstly, but then I have old drivers an Radeon 19.9.1, anyway as I write, I don't have a problem when I have installed Radeon version 20.4.2. The problem starts when I update to version 20.5.1 or any later/newer, like newest 20.11.2 still high CPU usage issue. And here it is appropriate that for my RX 5700 XT I want current updates and do not want to run on half-year-old drivers, regardless of the future, because in half a year the problem has obviously not been solved, therefore, it probably wouldn't even be in the future.


Aug 13, 2017
I am on the latest driver for Radeon (WHQL) and have no such issues. The obvious answer is to go with the latest driver that works for you. 20.4.2

Now - when updating and have issues (which everyone has time to time) is to do a FULL UNINSTALL, reboot, then install new driver downloaded. The upgrade over the top of old works most of the time but in a case like this, I recommend full uninstall then install new driver 20.4.2 if you really need that one.