Hidden gems on Steam?


[H]F Junkie
Jun 13, 2009
Im actually gonna disagree I tried to play it recently and man it has not aged well, it was generally unintuitive and a pain. Its going to be difficult to drag myself back to it. I recommend watching some gameplay before plunking down money on that unless it's like a buck.

For myself I'm gonna take a risk on SOMA and Firewatch. Firewatch has some really witty dialog and the gameplay looks intriguing. Its listed under walking simulator but I think thats unfair. I've seen walking simulators and they seem really non-interactive. Firewatch looks pretty and fairly interactive.

I'm told if I dug Outlast I need to play SOMA. I was clued to my chair all the way through Outlast(btw thats on sale too GO BUY IT.).

My only concern regarding SOMA is that I did buy Amnesia and it's starts out in this big house youre just supposed to wander around being lost and also watch out for some big monster. I don't like that. With Outlast it was much more like Bioshock or Half-life 2 where its straight forward and youre presented with a scenario to overcome. I'm not a big fan of both games where I'm forced to wander around for hours accomplishing nothing because I missed a switch or something I didn't know I was looking for and then randomly killed by some asshole.

Soma is more corridor than open like Amnesia. I like Soma way way better. Its a little scarier too.

As for games on steam, The Plan is a neat little experience. Its free so go for it.