Hey, Want to Online Date an Inmate?


Cat Can't Scratch It
May 9, 2000
Lonely and in need of a date or a penpal? A real penpal? Well here’s your chance to make contact with your soul mate who just happens to be someone’s cellmate. All seriousness aside, this could be your big chance to establish a long term relationship….maybe even 20 to life. Check out Meet-An-Inmate.com for a trial run and you be the judge :D

In essence, then, it seems that the approach is no different from that on, say, Match.com. Some might say, indeed, that Meet-An-Inmate is more honest. At least there, you know about some of the bad things the hopeful lovers have done in their lives.
You definately have to google them to find out what they were put away for but definately a funny post.
You know all the semi-attractive ones are looking for (older) sugar daddies who will take care of them once they're out. How did they get all these photos and stuff on there?

Googling one of them, I found this site which has a "hotter" pic: http://www.prisonprincesses.com/PrincessDetails.aspx?id=9835

"I am very outgoing and love to have a good time."

Ha! Well, she does get out 6/9/12!

This is some crazy shit. XD
How legit this site is, and how they filled their profiles there when there are no computers.
Hahahaha! That is totally awesome lol. Anyone sent in a letter yet? ;)
Check this one out: http://www.meet-an-inmate.com/ladies/crystal-11779.html

Now, check out the comment sections here: http://www.topix.com/forum/city/lake-crystal-mn/TDK5P949DTKU6A20V

Apparently, from reading the comments, she killed her husband in his sleep. So, she really is single!

This chick looks meaner than a bag full of rattlesnakes at 6' tall: http://www.meet-an-inmate.com/ladies/clarice-11730.html

She also looks like she might know how to get you some meth, steal you a car, and get you a fake ID: http://www.whosarrested.com/nevada/clark-county/las-vegas/ccdc/176299-clarice-h-farris

"I'm spontaneous, fun, and a bit wild."

This one's mine: http://www.meet-an-inmate.com/ladies/phillicia-11810.html

All she did was steal a car, run from police Daisy Dukes stye, and crash it: http://www.katu.com/news/local/16942731.html
How legit this site is, and how they filled their profiles there when there are no computers.

Yeah, they have computer access.

I would be more concerned with them passing information in or out of jail through this. Paper mail is read through, is all electronic like this read also?

Services like this make me have to laugh though. They have specialized dating sites for so many groups now. Sites for geeks, sites for farmers, one for people with STDs looking for others that are already infected to prevent spreading it more (which is good), one for people with mental or physical handicaps. And now this.

Think they should post on their what they are in for. Although that might help people with finding certain types of people. Ie want somebody to kill for you when they get out or tell you good ways to not get caught doing something, go look them up and start questioning them about certain aspects or try to set up a meeting once they get out
This is pretty terrible.

Um yes, I would totally love to meet up with a woman who's in prison for killing her boyfriend/husband. :rolleyes:
Atleast there's some confidence that it's actually a girl you're chatting with, and not some 65yr fat sweaty hairy guy impersonating as one.
Nah, this is not for me. They're too easy to stalk. I always know where she's going to be. ;)
And this is prison, how?

All this politically correct bullshit got us to the point where anything less than that is considered cruel and unusual punishment and a violation of their rights.
They are there for a reason, online dating, and conjugal visits isn't it. some of them may look stunning (most in a way that isn't a good kind), but they have some seriously f@#ked up wiring in their mind for what they did to get there.