Here's Proof Buyer Was Wrong

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May 28, 2009
User MyNameIsAlex bought a tested, fully functional, excellent condition Asus X99-A and Intel i7-5820K from me on May 12. Then on May 18 I get a Paypal email saying that he's opened a dispute against me claiming the items 'Were not as described' specifically saying that Ram slot C1 was defective and the board would not function. All this without ever contacting me to discuss whatever perceived problem he had.

As it seems inevitable Paypal refunded him the $250 paid for the combo. I just got back the board and cpu today May 30. After a careful inspection I could find no apparent or obvious damage to the board.

I then re-assembled the cpu/board as they were with Ram Slots A1, B1, C1, D1 populated with 4 Gb each of DDR4 2666 for a total of 16 Gb. The board posted and booted to bios with no problems, I took a photo of the Ram configuration showing as I installed, Ram Slots A1, B1, C1, D1 4 Gb each functioning properly. I then Clean Installed Windows 10 build 1903 on a new 256 Gb nvme drive without issue. I took a screen shot of the System Info.

I'm actually very happy that the board wasn't damaged and is indeed functioning fine. This only leaves one possible motive for MyNameIsalex to do the behind the back Paypal Dispute and that is he buys PC parts from people, decides he doesn't want them and plays the 'Not as described' card with Paypal to get his money back.

I hope this serves as a bit of vindication in an effort to clear my good name.


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