Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
Capcom has released the latest gameplay trailer for Resident Evil 2 that showcases the minigame "4th survivor." Resident Evil 2 was released today on PC and consoles.

Death never dies. Watch HUNK take on hordes of monsters in the minigame "4th survivor". Do you have the skills to outwit death?
So is it on the rails or 3rd person shooter? Can't tell.
This is a survival minigame that you would play after beating the game. Well that's how I would tackle it. :)

The base game is an action RPG.
I wouldn't call RE2 an action's a survival horror. There's a lot more resource and inventory management involved than in a typical action game, and I don't believe there are any RPG elements other than upgrading your weapons.
4th survivor mode is the bonus game after you beat all 4 campaigns. I assure you Re2 remake is amazing and maybe some old geezers might get a little scared.