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Apr 10, 2003
Bethesda Softworks has released a new Rage 2 trailer featuring 10 minutes of gameplay. The trailer focuses on gun play, explosions, dismemberment, and showcases a few of the varied open world environments found in the game. The post apocalyptic FPS launches onto PC and consoles on May 14th, 2019.

A lethal dance-off for a sweet new ability, a high-flying trip over a hostile open world, a fight against a very angry man in a mech suit... RAGE 2 has it all in this brand new extended gameplay video. Don't miss the ending for a sneak peek at what's coming next! RAGE 2 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on May 14, 2019. Pre-order to receive the exclusive Cult of the Death God mission and don Nicholas Raine's legendary armor and Settler Pistol. The RAGE 2 Collector's Edition is also available for pre-order.
wow. I am kind of split on this one. Some of the mechanics make no sense to me but the whole thing seems really fluid and fun to play. But again, some of the things I saw repeatedly make no sense at all. Throwing these little black holes does... everything? I don't get it but looks pretty good. Most shooters released over the last ~14 years tried to tie my hands because consoles and new players. This one goes in the exact opposite direction. Maybe it goes too far, maybe it doesn't. Not going to bite at 60, that's for sure. It's not an id game.
I think I was one of maybe three people that actually liked Rage (though I never finished it). I may pick this up when it goes on sale (assuming it will release at a $40+ price point). If it releases at $30, I may buy it day one.

I'm also one of the few that enjoyed it, and i even managed to finish it. I will get this one for sure. 2019 is going to be a good year for gaming and could be a truly great one if we end up Cyberpunk.
looks cool... I liked Rage alright overall, environment design/art and gunplay mostly... the lack of a big end boss was the worst part, but that last level was cool nonetheless...

with Rage 2 it looks like the devs are a bit more relaxed this time around, throwing more stuff at it and taking lessons learned from Doom... I hope it does well.

no pre-order from me, like with any game... will see if [H]ardocp (or another good reviewer) cries about wasting their money first...
Looks good, but I preferred the art style of the previous game. Last one was okay but needed more work for sure. Not liking the Borderlands look or feel here but outside of that, it looks pretty good. And four posts in and no whining about how this won't be on Steam? Impressive.
I really liked Rage too, and finished the game (and have played it a few times since release). I didn't understand its bad reputation.

I will probably get this new version, just to see if I enjoy it as much.
call me one of the few, but I enjoyed the first one .. I'll give this ago after its been out awhile (read ... Cheeeeeeeeeap)
I really liked Rage too, and finished the game (and have played it a few times since release). I didn't understand its bad reputation.

I will probably get this new version, just to see if I enjoy it as much.

Its id's version of COD. Fill yer boots.
Can we just appreciate for a second that they released this with someone who wasn't playing on the lowest sensitivity, wasn't doing slow pans to show off stupid stuff that no one cares about, and actually could aim?
No steam no buy... I've been avoiding getting a account... Just like I avoid EA I will do the same to Bethesda.
Watched about half of it. I didn't play (or care about) the first one but the gunplay here looks solid. Good pacing. I like a nice punchy shotgun and this seems to deliver. Even the sound of the auto rifle seemed like it would be nice over some bassy headphones. Wish the video showed the HUD which would also help explain the black balls of win (registered trademark me) but overall it looks like a good time. Hope it doesn't get too repetitive though.
I liked rage also ... except right when it really seemed like it was about to get even better... it was over. It ended so abruptly it made no sense. But up to that point I really liked it. (then again, I paid very little for it).
Looks like a hybrid of about a dozen games. Borderlands, Old Republic, Fortnite, UT, Quake, BF, Halo, Portal, etc. Actually looks fun for a pure shooter. Too bad I'm too old for this sh*t.
Ok, that was 10 minutes of my life I don't need to get back again :)

Looking forward to its release.
Not sure what it is exactly, but something about this game has felt off to me since the reveal. It never managed to grab me and gameplay from it leaves me feeling a bit "meh" even with all the explosions and stuff going on. I don't want to say its generic, but that really is the feel I get from it. I hope to be wrong, but I'm not expecting much from the game.
Looks it just boils down to the question of what kind of stupid hoops do they want me to jump through to play it.
I have Rage. Never played it yet - its in my Steam backlog. Might give it a try soon.
I thought the video looked pretty cool - some of the weapons were over the top. I might pick this one up in a future price drop - I don't buy games full price. I pick them up after they are on sale and have bugs fixed.
Not my type of single player FPS now but damn it sure does look fresh and enjoyable.
Meh. Looks like Crysis/Doom gameplay to me, with some Rage elements thrown in. Not all that interested.
May-14? I Thought this was coming in February, damn. Might have to get into new dawn to pad the wait after all.
I liked the original rage, I found the mini-bosses at the end kind of abrupt, too. I hope there's an option to display a HUD for status of your equipment, otherwise I'll pass on this iteration of Rage. The vat's-like zeroing in of parts of the mech suite looked pretty good, too. Some of the parts looked odd, but maybe it was a cut scene instead of actual game play while he was flying over the vehicles going to the mech place.
I'm quite sure that this clip was running at consoles or lower settings than ultra on a PC, the LOD was really distracting while traversing, anyway looks doom mixed with mad max, really awesome gameplay! The only perk is that is bethesda store exclusive, i wanted it on steam, but i think this is acceptable since is their own game.
Needs Co-OP and better AI. Not going to purchase @ $60.
Feels kinda weird that we're getting both a new Rage and Doom game in the same year. The first Rage one looked great but the game itself was relatively forgettable. I don't think Rage 2 will be bad but it'll be over shadowed. Doom 2016 on the other hand has me wanting more, lots more. Doom Eternal looks like it'll be Doom 2016 cranked up a notch.
Seems fun. Imma keep mah eye on it.
And why don't they just say "Alpha"? Isn't that what "Pre-Beta" is? Or are we mincing concepts now?
Oh I'm so ALL OVER this game. I liked the 1st one, it wasn't bad...I mean, I've played and enjoyed much worse. This one has the Mad Max feel except its FPS and it's Rage, FUCK YEAH!
The writing is giving me pause:

fights way into "ark", "This ark is FULLL of great gear" walks out with one skill upgrade and no new guns/ammo.