help with wireless network setup


Mar 21, 2003
alright, im attemping to set up a network for a friend. he has:
sunroom computer, with dsl modem in that room. d-link 802.11b wireless router there. dsl modem connected to dlink and cable from dlink to computer. internet works fine there.

gameroom computer, ps2, and xbox in the same room. i want to connect it where they all have internet connection without having the computer on (gameroom comp). i got a wrt54g i tried to setup to do this but i could never figure out how to set it up where the wrt54g would supply connection to each by itself. is there an easier way to do this without having to buy adapters for each? everything needs to be networked also.

maybe im making this too complicated... help me out here. thanks!


Limp Gawd
Mar 26, 2004
I haven't used that model of router, but here is my guess.

It looks like you want the wireless router to act as a bridge, where it receives the wireless signal from the router in the sunroom and the provides Internet access to the devices plugged into it via a cable.

The router you have may let you change the role it is performing to bridge, but I'm not sure. There should be something in the setup that may tell you.