help with repairing a used lens


Sep 29, 2002
Not sure if anyone can be of help, but why not guys are usually pretty knowledgeable.

I recently got an offer I couldn't refuse. Friend normally shoots Pentax and a little Nikon, came across some used canon lenses cheap. Gentleman had died, his widowed wife just wanted them gone. Well I shoot canon so buddy thought he'd help me out.

I managed to get a sigma 18-200mm DC OS f3.5-6.3 and a canon 28-135mm f3.5-5.6 USM for the tune of $90 CAD. We all know that one of these is worth more even if in poor condition.

The old canon seems to work great. Few scratches and a couple tiny chips in the front element but doesn't seem to affect image quality. Replacement glass element isn't worth the cost and isn't easy to come by.

The sigma on the other hand has been temperamental. It was giving me the dreaded error 01 lens communication intermittently for starters. I think I got that fixed by reseating the ribbon cables on the main control board.

However it still has an issue with the optical stabiliser. It seems to intermittently turn into an optical destabiliser....for an instant it seems to work, but then it starts bouncing around like someone gave it a pound of cocaine.

Setting to auto or manual focus has no effect on this fault.

I've read about a possible 'loose element' and was hoping that someone here could lend a hand?

This is not a high end lens....I got it cheap...its not going to the shop for repairs. Parts off eBay are a possibility though.
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