Help with Excel 2003 queries, MySql ODBC connects and me


[H]F Junkie
Jul 9, 2002
I have a customer that uses 'Edifice' from Northern Data Systems, its a mySql database app they the vendor runs on there own server and the office users RDP into it to run the app.
Lets call the vendors server 'SVR1', the office server I handle is SVR2.
The users connect the X drive to \\SVR1\Servers, they have read/write access
They connect S to \\SVR2\network and they have read/write access
Im in the process of upgrading the machines (HP 2.26/533fsb with 512mb w/XPPro) to new Dell machines (Quad core 2.93, 4gb w/Vista Bus)
The old machines ran a mix of Office 2002/2003 the new machines run Office 2007 Pro

They usually open an Excel sheet from the S drive and then go into data /refresh and all the data from the MySql DB on the X drive gets pulled into the excel file and updates it.

on Excel 2007, they cannot edit the querie, it closes Excel down with an appcrash error.

Of course the vendor doesnt support Vista or Office 2007...yet, does anyone have any tips on getting queries from Excel 2003 to work in 2007?
I can send a few of the query files to someone if it helps.
Worse case Ill have to convert the old machines into VM's for them to do this one task on.
MySql was 3.51 version if I remember correctly..