Help with decision to get an Athlon 64 setup.


Jun 27, 2003
I am pondering the idea of getting an Athlon 64 rig going and attempting to get some decent OC's. I was wondering if some of you could give me the low down on what I should get or look for. Through some reading it seems I will go with an nForce 3 250 mobo with lockable PCI/AGP buses. If possible I would like to get a 3200+ but I could get a 3400+. I was hoping to get 2.4GHz and use a 1MB L2 cache chip.

Oh, socket 754 here ^^^^^^ :).

Or would it be better to hold off and get a 3500+ 939 which can OC to 2.5+? The only problem is that I would not be able to use dual channel right away.

Budget is tight (so I might have to hold off on a 3400+ or socket 939 setup).

One last thing, do you guys have to use relaxed memory timings to achieve these OC's? From reading it seems that way.

Thanks guys.