Help with components for 3080 TI gaming PC in NR200P case

Dec 3, 2021
Hi, I’d really like to build a high end gaming PC inside an NR200P case. I have a number of key components already, but I need help finishing the build in terms of getting the right MB, RAM and cooling setup. Here’s what I have so far:

Ryzen 9 5900X
RTX 3080 TI FE
NR200P case

I imagine this will run pretty hot, so I’d love some advice on keeping everything cool (and if I understand correctly the CPU doesn’t come with a heat sink either). I could also use some help being pointed to the right motherboard - I don’t need anything crazy there but definitely want wifi and BT built in. I won’t be expanding this PC much for capture cards, more USB or anything, so basic is fine here. RAM and SSD seem straight forward but advice there is welcome too. :) And then lastly a power supply that fits well in this case.

I’ve never built a small form factor before so I’m not sure if I’m missing anything, but I’ve read cooling is important.

Oh and last thing - I’d LOVE for this to have some really cool lighting inside! Lots of fans and RAM all have fancy lights so I imagine that will take care of it.

Thank you SO MUCH aim advance for your help! I can’t wait to get started on this build during my end of year time off!


Sep 2, 2005
If you can get the NR200P "MAX" variant of the case, it will come with a really nice 280mm AIO liquid cooler for your CPU and a coolermaster 850watt PSU. Really good startping point at a very decent price.
For a seperate PSU, I use a Corsair SFX 750watt 80plus platinum unit
For a separate cooler, I use an All in One liquid cooler from NZXT. Look into a 240 or 280mm radiator size unit.

Also look into getting new thermal pads and swapping it out for your 3080FE. If that isn't too daunting of a project for you it will make your card's memory run cooler and quieter. GDDR6x can run really hot.
I swapped thermal pads in my 3080ti FE and run an undervolt in MSI afterburner and it is shockingly quiet compared to stock.


Feb 1, 2021
If you want the best info for building in an NR200 check out this YouTube channel.

I have found that I prefer the NR200 to the 200P as I do not use the glass side panel. Using the vented side panel with a side mounted intake I am able to run a 5900X using a $50 (Big Shuriken 3) cooler ands keep the chip under 70C under heavy game loads and still be VERY quiet. The GPU I am using a Nitro+ 6800. The side intake with the downdraft cooler means that pass through of the FE cards has minimal impact on the CPU temps. If you want the best cooling consider a C14S, again the channel mentioned discusses this.

If you're going to do the glass panel then instead of a down draft cooler you should look at a tower cooler. Place the cooler so it intakes cool air from the back of the case and then exhaust out the top. As for the vertical mount with a glass panel, it is just a bad idea as the air flow for the GPU will be choked.

For my build I used a Gigabyte B500 ITX motherboard, and then for cooling did the Big Shuriken 3 with a side intake fan. I have two top exhaust and two thin bottom intake. For RAM I just used Crucial BallistiX 32GB DDR4 3200 and for SSDs I used two Crucial Plus NVME drives. For PSU the Corsair SF750 is awesome but you can save a few bucks and get the Cooler Master SF 750 or 850, both are solid.