Help with AXP-M 2600+


Limp Gawd
Aug 16, 2003
okay, i installed my 2600+ mobile into my NF7-S 2.0 but the board doesnt recognize it. It says unknown cpu. Any way to make it so it recognizes the processor? Will the performance be hindered in any way if the processor isnt recognized? Also, what are the stock FSB/mult on the 2600+ mobile?

I got the one with good stepping from I only have the HSF from my barton 2500+ on it right now (getting the zalman 7000a-cu tommorow) so i dont think I can oc it that much.

I noticed that its a lil slower for some reason than my barton 2500+ at stock settings.

Sorry for the newb questions guys, but any help would be appreciated.
Don't worry about the motherboard not recognizing the CPU. It will work just fine not knowing about it. Your best chance of visual support is to flash to the latest bios.

You should be able to overclock quite a bit. Although it was made up for a fsb of 133 you should have no trouble upping it to 200 plus.

The stock multiplier is a difficult question to answer. On a laptop it boots up at something like 600MHz and ramps up after Windows is loaded. This is not a concern in your case since you can simply set the multiplier to whatever suits you best. The power saving features will not be available.
Th only thing that will happen if you fix the "unknown cpu" problem is the pleasure of looking at it. It won't change anything.

gl with the chip, my roomate has his running at 2.7GHz