Help Windows 10 Pro won't load even after using Boot Repair with Install USB on Dual-Boot System


May 22, 2010
Can anyone help me repair my installation of Windows 10 Professional on my Workstation Desktop because it won't load completely even after using the Windows 10 Home/Pro Installation USB flash drive to do a boot repair, which has always worked before. I did manage to correct the boot order with grub customizer though and fix the grub menu name after I accidentally reinstalled grub when using my boot repair Linux disc though, so now it says Windows 10 instead of Windows Recovery Environment and it boots to Windows 10 first instead of Ubuntu to prevent me from having to use boot repair for Windows from the Windows 10 Home/Pro Installation USB Flash drive.

However, I still need to disable fast boot in Windows 10 too to prevent having boot issues with dual or multi-boot systems and having to use boot repair to fix it, but I can't get into Windows 10 now to do that and I've done everything I can think of to resolve it or that has worked before along with the new solutions mentioned. Therefore, what haven't I tried so I can find another way as to how to fix this issue?