Help, suggestion for low motion build monitors


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Dec 27, 2005
Ok to put in context I'll have 2 high end maxwell to push the monitors late this year or early next. Iv got Hanns-g 28's but the motion blur is pretty bad thus was exploring high hz monitors 120-144hz, but then will we see reasonable monitors come out in oled and when will we see 4k oled high hz monitors? If 4k probably could be satisfied with 2, if less than 3-4 of them. Budget on the monitors is 2-3k, would prefer cheaper as you can tell I'm not overly picky on monitors I mean I lived with the ones I've had for about 4 yrs. would it be best to go after the asus 27 144hz x3 for now and save the cash for the honey pot oled 4k in a year or 2? Oh primarily gaming use.

Other info if it helps: I am going to focus about 2k of the build on an 8 core intel, 32-64gb mem, 1tb SSD, I already have solid 1k PSU and will be hunting a top grade case, might go water loop cooling although I have had great luck with high end air solutions.