Help suggesting HTCP Case!

Jan 9, 2007
I'm moving into a new house in the coming months, and with this new house is my chance to finally have a room I've been dreaming about for some time now. I'm having a hard time deciding on a case to replace my black wavemaster, here's the details for what im after. I can't seem to decide which one would suit me best

I'm going to get a glass corner desk, with frosted glass (not clear) and I would love if my case could be styled as much like an audio reciever as possible as one will later be stacked beside or on/under it. I was looking at the Silverstone LC16M-S and absolutely loved everything about it, from the sleek silver casing to the centered mini-LCD and the volume knob, everything about this case is perfect, except for the fact that it will not fit my videocard. I also REALLY like the Silverstone GD01S-MXR and LC13-S cases as well as the Zalman HD135 and HD160. I know that the price brackets for the cases are on different levels but I'd like to know what your opinions are of each. I've been reading reviews for hours and all of them seem like definate winners, but your personal opinion on wether or not they will suit my situation would be GREATLY appreciated. Currently in my CM Wavemaster, I have zero temperature issues and I would love to keep it that way if at all possible. I dont necessarily need the remote features, as of now I still don't have a monitor worthy of sitting across the room. It COULD come in handy in the future but it's not an overly important feature. The front audio/microphone ports are the only ones that I will ever use, I also like having the ability to use a card reader for the different digital camera's I use.

My computer specs:
Coolermaster Wavemaster stock fans all around + no top fan.
DFI Lanparty Ultra-D motherboard (Full ATX)
3200+ with a Zalman CNPS7700-ALCU
HIS Radeon x1950Pro (With the large IceQ cooler)
2x512mb OCZ ram
OCZ 520w PowerStream psu
2x 7200rpm hard drives, one IDE*, one SATA2
1x dvd drive, SATA
1x Sound card**

*The IDE drive is only a backup drive so I can live without it for a short while, until it can be replaced with SATA if it makes any difference.
*Currently a Audigy2ZS, will be replaced with either X-Fi or other high end card soon, will not go without sound card!

Thanks for any help!


Supreme [H]ardness
Feb 3, 2011
+1 on the LC13E. Very sweet case. Mine's black.

PS: WaveMaster is one of my all-time favorite cases. Use one on my first build ever. You obviously like the raw machined/brushed aluminum look. Good man.