Help setting up Nvme Raid. Confused about shared Sata/U.2 ports...


Feb 11, 2004

I have a Z170-WS motherboard and want to raid the M.2 slots with two SM961 m.2 nvme drives but confused if that means I will lose which Sata ports and if I lose my Intel 750 on my only U.2 *connection. The manual states that the m.2_2 port shares bandwidth with the u.2 so does that mean its one or the other? I ordered a pci-e u.2 x4 adapter to relocated the U.2 drive right off one of the pci-e slots but the x4 slot is pcie 2.0 and not 3.0 so I would lose bandwidth never the less? Also got two Sata drives in raid 0 off of sata_3 and sata_4 ports. Dont want to lose those ports either. Is this doable??


From the manual:

*The M.2_1 socket shares SATA ports with SATA6G_56; the M.2_2 socket shares bandwidth with U.2 connector, and shares SATA ports with SATA6G_12 when using SATA mode. When you use both connectors, the system automatically detects the devices connected to these connectors and set a higher priority to M.2 Socket 3 than SATA interface. You can adjust the BIOS settings to set the priority.