Help-Review: Ergonomic Gaming Keyboard for your Lap / chair FIX - Switch to Corsair K63 Lapboard and back to Sculpt Keyboard


Nov 18, 2004
So I have an interesting predicament.

After years of computer usage, if I use anyting outside of an ergonomic keyboard for extended use, my pinkies, wrists and fingers ache.

During this pandemic I switched from a table setup to a lapboard setup with my mouse attached to my Steelcase Ergonomic chair.

Gaming wise the sculpt keyboard stayed on my lap and my mouse on the armrest worked well. However, I was not happy so after much research I chose:

The Corsair K63 Lapboard.
Wow!!! I loved this keyboard! These Cherry switched, the noise, it felt so good. The weight and how it weighed this lapboard down; even better. Gaming in Apex, COD, any FPS I could hit my shots even better due to the Mouse pad. I had tried the Razer Turret Lap setup, but frankly the Mousepad is so small, I cant help but think WTF (the cables are quite nice though).

The conundrum comes in week 2 of usage. Same usage issues, pain in the wrists, fingers, pinkies from that fun "shift" key are hurting from the "Run & Gunning"

So, I switched back to using the lapboard putting some books in the space where the keyboard went and putting the sculpt keyboard on top.

Problem solved and no pain.

I cant be the only other techie here with the same conundrum. The pinkies and fingers are what ache for me after 15 years of only ergonomics.

The only other option I can think of is
Sculpt vs other Ergonomic keyboard review

Switching to the KINESIS Gaming Freestyle Edge RGB Split Mechanical Keyboard. I feel though that the larger shift button on the microsoft keyboards REALLY helps.

Anyone find a solution to this? I feel the sculpt has a bit of delay with the keys at times and I am not a professional gamer and have worked around the issues but it would be nice to at least up the anty after spending so much on my setup.

Love the input guys!


May 30, 2018
I know they make fully mechanical split keyboards, they're pretty costly if I remember.

That's the one I'm thinking of.

I know there are a few more if you go *deep* into the custom mechanical keyboard hole, but I expect them to be even more expensive.

Haven't used a split keyboard ever myself, or an ergonomic keyboard, so sadly I can't help you with the comfort thing. Never had an issue with a regular one myself.