HELP! Problem with iTunes for windows


Dick with a heart of gold
Oct 22, 2003
iTunes just started to act funny. When I click on it iTunes tells me that my Library isn't a valid file. I have a small library on a CD-R and it didn't do this before. I have the latest version, windows is updated and I just reinstall iTunes but it keeps telling me this. Right now I'm using Winamp 5 since I haven't been able to fix it, it has no problems with the disc. I need help!
the itunes library files are corrupted...go to the itunes folder and there will either be one or two files that say itunes library something or other (don't have my PC up right now) and just move them to the trash then relaunch will loose any playlists and will have to reimport the songs but that is a minor thing since you only have a small database
Cool! I couldn't find the files but they turned up in a search. It's fixed thanks!