Help me understand AMD vs Intel differences


Jul 27, 2014
I'm trying to build a new PC from scratch. I currently have an AMD 3900X CPU and have been generally happy with it, but I'd like to upgrade to something newer.

I'm seeing that the AMD 7900X is a 12 core CPU with a 4.7 base clock speed, boosts to 5.6. The Intel 13700K is a 16 core CPU and has a base clock speed of 3.4, boosts to 5.4.

However, when reviewing benchmarks it looks like the 13700K outperforms the 7900X in pretty much everything. Is this due to the 4 additional cores? Wouln't less cores clocked at 4.7 make up for the difference of more cores clocked at 3.4?

I use my computer for work, games, stream, video encoding. I like single computer gaming/streaming setups. Just trying to decide what to build around. I've really liked what AMD/Lisa Su have done in the last few years, but Intel keeps seeming like the "faster" option?


Sep 10, 2020
Has you seem to be someone that increase relatively often (going from a 3900x) one major difference is that it is very likely that Raptor lake (13xxx) would be the fastest CPU to put on the motherboard versus for AMD you should be able to upgrade ( a bit like you could buy a 5950x for your current system) in the future.

For the next gen specially with good DDR-5 for some stuff the 13700K could be better, but the difference between the 2 options are not necessarily large in any regard, power-cooling management could be a bit easier on the 7900x on long CPU encoding if it is something you do, 13700K come with a better iGPU than the Am5 if it is something of any value:


If you like AMD and upgrade the CPU often, AM5 would probably be the way to go, but it is always a bit of a speculation, how interesting the next CPU will be, how interesting the new motherboard released in 2023-2024 (would CXL-DDr5 8000 mhz be something that require an upgrade and really interesting, etc...), but there is some case nothing to loose anyway to go with that option with the new pricing.


Limp Gawd
Feb 2, 2021
I would say think of it like a dodge hellcat vs a corvette c8 you would think the 707 HP Hellcat would smoke the 485HP Corvette, but they are very close except in full stop 1/4 mile drag. I would suggest though looking for a used cheaper 5900x/5950x / 5800x3d upgrade though vs a new platform at this point as the value prop when you factor in a Mobo and ddr5 for either intel or AMD takes a lot of wind out of the sails, at least for me. I would also argue that the apu on the 7xxx amd chips is better than igpu on intel unless you are trans-coding, but a discrete gpu is the best way to go there.