Help me buy a computer

Jun 19, 2005
1Times New RomanBlackHey i am about to buy a computer for myself and i have a limited budget. No more that about 600 to 700 dollars. I need some tips on what type of computer and where to buy one.
Hey, I highly recommend that you BUILD a PC. Then you will know EXACTLY what you have in it, and then you can get the experience of building one too! If you need help IM me with aim at blackrosethorn69
Leow's suggestion would require you to be VERY good with hardware. Compatibility, installation, troubleshooting.... If you don't know much about it, eaither start reading, or stick with a pre built(especially if you are pressed on time).

What do you plan to use the computer for?

For around 700$us, you can expect something along the lines of a AMD64 3000+, low end graphic card (but still current generation like Nvidia 6200 or Ati x300), average hard drive(160gb), 512-1000mb of ram, floopy drive ^_^, CD drive or DVD drive, maybe even a burner, and an average motherboard with onboard sound and internet, win XP.
Or replace that with a P4 3.0ghz with HT for an intel one.

Nothing special, but plenty enough computer for most common tasks.

Check out Acer, Compaq, HP, E-machines, etc. They all offer ok priced AMD computers.
If you want something intel, almost any company sells them.
Maybe check out dell for good deals.

Like i said, what do you plan on using the computer for?

~Hope this helps
Computers at this level will be very close in performance, with the AMD64 being better in games, although not by much.

Anyway, expect to have AT LEAST 512mb of ram, 1gb is recommend if you can afford it. other then that, the things i listed before are what you can expect to buy. Now just find a company you like for a ok price, thinking more on the service and support side if you are not "too" computer savey

Just for ho-ha's, i configured a slim computer from dell K-12 Education department.

719$ with 3 year warrenty.... you can see a pic of the specs that were priced out here

~Good luck

EDIT: I just noticed that the computer i speced out did not come with a graphic card, but that should give you a good idea of the price you can expect to pay give or take a few $$$
i say expect to spend around $200-250 on a nice 17" lcd. you can get a crt for cheaper, but trust me you'll love the extra space you can get in a dorm room with an lcd.
Yes, LCDs are nice. But if you game alot, get CRT.. But since you said only SLIGHT gaming, dont worry about it too much. But whateevr you get wil lbe better than my stupid 7 year old CTX CRTS monitor..
You'll be stuck with integrated graphics at that price range. I'd say build yourself since you can't really get good computers taht cheap from any manufacturere that will play games.