Help choosing video card for new build

Discussion in 'Video Cards' started by XvMMvX, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. XvMMvX

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    Jan 13, 2005
    Currently putting together a complete media room. One component will be a PC. My primary rig (at a desk for KB/M) is currently running a 1080ti on a Gsync 1440p 144hz monitor. Zero complaints, I love it.

    In the media room will be a Samsung TV most likely which has multiple options for resolutions and refresh rates. It also supports freesync.

    1080P @ 120hz
    1080P @ 60hz
    1080P @ VRR
    4k @60hz
    4k @ VRR

    The VRR options produce the best input lag performance so that is what I am targeting. My issue is choosing the right video card for my needs since using freesync will require AMD (I know that NVidia has started supporting it but haven't read good results outside of the "certified" monitors).

    A few games for reference:

    Final Fantasy XV
    Grand Theft Auto V
    Ace Combat 7

    I have three choices that fit the budget for the video card in the entire project.

    Geforce 2080 @ ~$700 - Best card in my price range but the issue becomes freesync support
    Radeon VII @ ~$700 - Just released, driver problems, loud, and buying something that isn't best performance at price just to get true freesync support
    Radeon Vega 64 @ $400 - This is my running favorite. Seems to perform well at 4k, may have to back the settings down to med-high on some games. Support for freesync. I also get $300 back into the budget to spend else were.

    One note, when I talk about "can a card do 4k" I need to say that 4k /= 4k and super high max settings. Even if you run a game at 4k and medium it generally becomes a better experience on PC than console.
  2. steveK12

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    Jan 18, 2019
    Vega 64 will be the best choice as we see the performance of vega 64 and RTX 2080, they both performs almost similar.
  3. Brian_B

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    Mar 23, 2012
    nVidia supports Freesync now. So I don't think you can hold that against nVidia any longer (although there are still other things you certainly could)

    For gaming, the 7 is brand new.. but seems to be if your primary focus is gaming, go with the 2080 for the same money.

    I think your main consideration is - do I save $300 for other spots in the build, or not. Either Vega64 or 2080 are decent choices.

    Vega64 does not compare with 2080 though... they are two different classes when it comes to performance. Vega 64 performance is somewhere north of the 2060, but not always beating a 2070.

    RTX2060 for $350 may be another consideration, not quite the same performance as Vega64, but close, and save another $50.
  4. geok1ng

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    Oct 28, 2007
    Since it is a new build, aimed at 4k gaming, my order of alternatives:

    -Radeon 7. The higher the resolution and settings, the closer radeon 7 comes to 2080, surpassing it on a few more demanding titles. 16GB will make it last longer. I would wait for non-reference coolers. And video prosumers will gladly buy one from you when you upgrade.
    -2060. It is cheaper, but runs cooler and quieter than Vegas.
    -Vega 56 with non reference cooler
    -Vega 64 with non reference cooler
    -If you can find one, 1080Ti ranks pretty high gaming wise.
  5. Legendary Gamer

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    Jan 14, 2012
    You really don't have much choice in the matter. If you want 4K@60 max settings there is only one video card option right now: 2080Ti. They even come with Space Invaders. I'm running a 2080Ti Black edition that set me back about 999 before tax.

    Now, I have had a shitload of issues with the 2080Ti series... FYI... However, nothing else comes close to it's performance.

    Radeon 7 can do max settings at 4K/60 but will probably have to reduce the settings to maintain FPS
    2080 can do max settings at 4K/60 but will probably have to reduce the settings to maintain FPS

    If you already have a 1080Ti, there is NO point in either of the above cards (since both the Radeon 7 and the 2080 are essentially as fast as a 1080Ti). The 2080Ti is your only upgrade path.

    Given your budget for the new build, try to source a 1080Ti for around 500 bucks from Ebay. At least it will be stable and will not have Space Invaders.