HELP: Best wireless Gaming Mouse to beat Naga Epic Chroma


Nov 18, 2004
In the market for a new gaming mouse. I need to use a wireless mouse due to my setup where I game from a gaming chair and sit away from the computer. Would love to get peoples input on their favorites as I really LOVE my razer Naga Epic Chroma... they just dont make it anymore.

I am mainly playing APEX legends and love how my wireless Razer Naga Epic Chroms has the side buttons. I dont really use all 12, I would say 7-12 and then I use the mouse wheel as a dpi clutch.

What do you guys find as the best gaming mouse? It seems Razer is not making as high quality products as they used to from my reading so I am open to other options.

I've been considering picking up the G903 myself.

But somehow the G Pro flew under my radar until just now. Definitely picking that one up.
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I've been considering picking up the G903 myself.

But somehow the G Pro flew under my radar until just now. Definitely picking that one up.
I think I am going to order the Logitech G Pro Wireless over the Mamba Wireless. I really want to stay wireless as it really just fits perfectly with my playstyle.

All of the reviews and feeds seem to say that the Logitech G Pro is the best on the market but may not be perfect for "Palm" users who have a 20cm/10cm hand, while the Mamba is larger and can fit better.

There are not many options in regards to Good -Wireless, however, my Naga Epic Chroma for me is fairly picture perfect so I am going to find it interesting to see the difference. I will definitely write back in and let people know. From what I read about Razer it seems to be exactly what my experience has been. Changed the market with their Boomslang and had excellent quality control then as the years went by its gone a bit downhill with their acquisition into China. I am not sure if this is 100% accurate but from the reports from my friends, the quality control has really gone downhill.

Wish it were not the case, as I have been a Razer fanboy for many many years... That was the deciding factor for me as to why I went Logitech. Maybe things will change in the future or the logitech wont fit my hand and I go back to Razer :)
So first impressions:

Sooo Light! I like that the wireless dingle is not stuck in the back of the case but has a cable and can be placed anywhere. Very similar to the naga epic chroma except it does not have a hard base.

Which then leads back to it being soo light! I never even realized just how heavy my mouse was.

FEW Small QUALMS I don't like is that scroll wheel is only one button there is no left or right side button like the razer mouse. I had that set to a sensitivity cycle prior and found it to be really helpful. What's nice though is that you can add 2 more buttons to the side for that function (just don't accidently hit them).

For my hand the two side buttons for the thumb are not spaced perfectly. For example if you have one for crouch one for melee it may be difficult to push the melee button.

However this was the first day, I'm feeling confident that I'll adjust. For this has to be one of the smoothest mice I've used to date. The rest is just adjusting.

I think I'll retire the naga epic chroma for now, but the razer synapse software was nice with the on the fly sensitivity.
The lack of dpi buttons under the wheel is why I stuck with the 903. And the smooth wheel toggle.

It's a great mouse if you don't need that though.