HDCP support


Limp Gawd
Jun 29, 2004
Is anyone else really ticked off about HDCP support?! I have a HP L2335 and i doubt it has support! This is really a stab in the back to people who previously bought high res displays for future technology(HD-DVD or Blueray). I hope they find a work-around, *cough* hack *cough*, so that I can watch HD-DVD's on my 1920x1200 res monitor! :p Im starting this thread so that we can gather a list of HDCP supported displays. If you have any to add please post.

HDCP support
Firingsquad.com lists the following monitors as HDCP supported:
1. Gateway FPD2185W
2. HP f2105
3. NEC MultiSync 20WMGX2
4. Samsung SyncMaster 244T
5. Viewsonic VP2330wb

The remaining HDCP PC monitors that we are aware of include:
6. Dell 3007WFP
7. Samsung 214T
8. Samsung 930MP
9. Samsung 940MW
10. Samsung 242MP
11. Sony MFM-HT95
12. Sony MFM-HT75W