Have you de-lidded an Ivy Bridge CPU?

How did your de-lidding work out?

  • Awesome! Greater than 5 degrees celsius improvement averaged across all cores!

    Votes: 39 60.0%
  • Not so well. My chip no longer works.

    Votes: 17 26.2%
  • It works but it no longer functions properly or as well as before de-lidding.

    Votes: 9 13.8%

  • Total voters
So where's the thread for unlidded Haswells?

Its coming but I don't think I will be a part of it any time soon because I'm happy with my delidded 3770k and deliided 3570k rigs.... :D

I will give out advice though. :)
I tried first with the razor blade method. Scratched the PCB so I stopped. Gave me quite a scare. Popped it back in and it was still fine. Maybe sometime i'll get to the hammer and vise method
If you scratched the PCB on the top it would be OK, as long as it's not a deep cut. I plan to do this to my 4670k to see if I can get some more overclocking headroom.
Alright boys, now this is one hell of a follow up necro bump.

Was Mr. Stryker successful in his quest to delid??? Did he even do it at all? Find out on the next episode of Necro Bump!! Coming Soon™