Have XP and Vista, want to upgrade Vista to Win7 and move Vista to XP machine.


Limp Gawd
Aug 23, 2007
I have two computers that I want to upgrade. I have a full version of XP on one and Vista Ultimate on another. I have an upgrade copy of Win 7 Ultimate and want to upgrade the Vista computer to it. Will this void my Vista install key? I want to install Vista on my XP computer and then no longer use XP. I also would rather just do the upgrade of Win 7 on my VIsta computer instead of a clean install. I just want to be sure that I'll be able to do this with out messing up my Vista install key.
If I have to I can wipe both and then install XP back on my current Vista compter to do the Win 7 upgrade but would rather not since it is a lot more work and I'll have to start from scratch on the Vista computer. Thanks