Have Windows Server 2003 Web, move to 2008 R2 or 2012 R2?

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    Ok, this is what I currently run on my desktop PC (under Windows 8.1u1) that I want to move over to a more dedicated computer so my desktop PC isn't on all the time.


    My web server is primarily for web development and teaching myself web programming. I also use it to stream music and video off my computer through Subsonic whenever I'm in the hospital or away from home like visiting my sister, for example.

    I also host a Starbound and Minecraft server that I play with a couple friends. The Minecraft server [used to] updates a real-time map of our MC server. (I'm waiting for a Bukkit update so sticking to MC server vanilla at the moment.)

    I have Windows Server 2003 Web that I got through Microsoft's DreamSpark program many years ago. Given its age, I was wondering if I should skip that and move to 2008 R2 or 2012 R2 since they're more up-to-date.

    This is more of a hobby than something I'd use to make money off of. I'm also debating whether to put this in a VM so I can run maybe FreeNAS (with ZFS) in another VM to host the media files. That or get another license for Stablebit Drivepool and do that on a single server.

    I still have to look into hardware since I want one that's:

    1. Low- to medium-power so it's easy on the electricity bill.
    2. Powerful enough to do real-time transcoding of audio (FLAC->MP3) and video files (MKV->MP4/FLV) through Subsonic.
    3. Can run both Starbound and Minecraft servers without lagging or delays.
    4. Capable of VT-d in case I do create VMs.
    5. Can host at minimum 6 hard drives besides the OS drive.
    6. Is affordable.
    Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you. I plan on doing this build over the course of a couple months and not all at once. I just have to decide whether I should stick to what I currently have-- Windows Server 2003 Web-- or move to Server 2008 R2 or Server 2012 R2. And, which version of 2008 R2 or 2012 R2? I'd like to make this affordable as well.
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