Hata Region Unload? Virus?


Oct 4, 2010
Everytime I boot up a little window pops up that is titled Hata, and it says Region Unload.

Is this a virus, I ran Windows Defender, Malware Byes, and Spybot, and got rid of some baddies, but it's still doing it. Help!
I don't really have any specific information about that Hata Region Unload thing. However if you actually had malware on your computer you could always run more scans with different software since a single one doesn't always detect everything.

More good free tools for that are:
Emsisoft Emergency Kit
Comodo Cleaning Essentials
Hitman Pro

Free version of Hitman Pro only scans for malware though and won't remove anything (except for cookies). It does have good detection rate though since it uses multiple scanning engines.

CCE (and EEK afaik) also have tools for analyzing only startup items and flagging those that are malware.
Thanks guys. After running Windows Defender, Spybot, and Malware Bytes 4 more times, I got it. =)