Has Soundstorm been replaced?


Jun 18, 2003
Is it just me, or has nVidia's "Soundstorm" software been replaced with "nVMixer"? I am having trouble configuring my onboard sound, and I wanted to reinstall the Soundstorm software, but all I have is nVmixer. After reinstalling my motherboard drivers, all links to Soundstorm are dead, and I get an error message when trying to open the software.

What is the deal?
I sure hope not. I just went out of my way looking for a board that was SoundStorm-certified and had a couple other features that I wanted. Now, I compromised a little on one of those features to get a board with SS. I'm going to be pissed if the thing doesn't have proper support when the board shows up in a couple days.
C-Media offers simialar featuress but no one uses their chips. Everyone like the realtek 850
I'm pretty sure no one offers the onboard DSP functions that make up Soundstorm- many Xbox developers who also develop for PC claim that it's more advanced than anything else out there. Unfortunately, in the world of 'everyone has EAX2, and some people have EAX4,' no one is using that functionality. But of course, you were only talking about DD encoding.
It's simply a software change, the hardware is exactly the same, the new nVmixer has spiffier features, but some prefer the older Control Panel which you can get back. Instructions are at