Has anyone Seen this new grapics card maker?

Juan Sanchez

Limp Gawd
Oct 31, 2003

I nearly died laughing at that woman in the corner. It almost looks like a gag site. But I assure you they are very real. NewEgg carries their Videocards. Wish they made 9800s. If they really want to make a name for themselves they should put out some of those new 9550's that use the RV360 core with BGA ram and an awsome HSF. That will help em, grow, I guarentee it.
LOL. I was dumbfounded for several seconds before I started laughing. I wonder how this disturbing oddity of a website came to be. The mind boggles.
The packaging looks like something Martha Stuart wouldve designed. And the baseball lettering is so hip! if only it said something like "Players Club 69" in that font....
LMAO! It's the first time I have seen anytihng like that. Is that for real? The site looks so.... ROFL!!!!
LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF kind of name is rosewill, and 9600 LE IS NOT HIGHPERFORMANCE
That woman is really weird and so are almost all the texts, but that logo has got to be the most interesting among all the geeky logos we usually see.

Well, the cards are made for geeks, so I think it won't be really appreciated.
- High performance architecture that is supported by finely tuned features, and extra horsepower to deliver barrier-free entertainment

- Enjoy new levels for visual realism in graphics and video content courtesy of SMARTSHADER™,SMOOTHVISION™,FULLSTREAM™ and VIDEO IMMERSION™ technologies

- Choose your own RADEON™ 9600 adventure with highly customizable and expandable display features

Wooo, fear the marketing speak! :)

I lol'd

ROFL! That's hilarious, and the part at the end does look a lot like the overly excited people in business suits on the Rosewill site.

For some reason I think of Enron Reliant, Tycho or Worldcom executives watching their stock climb when I see that picture.I just don't understand why they're so excited about their laptop since Rosewill doesn't seem to make any laptop parts at all.
I like the guy laughing, and those pictures are so CRAPPY!

Not long ago we had an idea
- from the Rosewill about statement

hmm, wonder what they were -doing/listening to/smoking- when they had the idea.

Tell me that is not PS'ed....
If it is they did a good job on making the box edges look scuffed up :)

but for the site..



4 Corprate twits in suits sitting around their laptop!!

YES!!!!! i fragged another one!!! woo hoo!

look @ me with my 1337 laptop!!!


i would never buy from them! - they need some SERIOUS marketing help before their product line or low end video cards will truely go anywhere!

not to mention they need to offer something the 50 billion other Powered By ati companies are not already - good luck!