Has anyone been able to successfully deploy new AMD drivers remotely & silently?

Sep 17, 2012
We have a refresh in a couple weeks to push out an upgrade from Solidworks 2017 to 2018, and with that, I need to push out new drivers.

I've got the setup working properly for Quadros, but I'm stuck on the FirePros. Granted, of the 39 W4100s that we have that are eligible for upgrade (the V4900s have no new drivers), only maybe a quarter of them are in engineering computers. The rest are in office PCs, because triple or quadruple monitor was wanted in a small form factor, and those were the easiest/cheapest option I'd found at the time.

At this point, I've put more time into failing than I would have spent remoting into each system and manually upgrading, but since this is something I'd like to have running so we can push out in the future, I'd like to get his working.

So far, the install is set up to run this:

with the following parameters:
/UNATTENDED_INSTALL:".\Packages\Drivers; .\Packages\apps\acp64\; .\Packages\apps\vc12rtx64\" /AUTOACCEPT_ALL /ON_REBOOT_MESSAGE:NO /FORCE_CLOSE_WHEN_DONE /FORCE_HIDE_FIRST_RUN

I error out with an "InstallManagerApp.exe exited with a code 42" which my google-fu has been weak against.