Harry Potter by Niantic

^ The one you're referring to, I believe, is Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. Believe it or not, it is the same as what you mentioned before: boring. Slow paced, everything recharges after about 2 hours so you can really only play for like 5 minutes at a time and intervals of 1.5-2 hours.
Can't seem to download this game says its not available in your country.​
Yeah you need like a really good Phone for it to work my LG Phoneix won't cut it alot of other people have the same problem.
You need a really good phone like a Samsung S7 or above top of the line LG or a good Apple Iphone.

This game looks like the bomb not sure if I want to get a super good phone to play it though. I see why it requires a good phone the graphics are alot better thane Pokemon Go.
Eyeing up a semi older Samsung S9 Walmart has one sale with their straight talk phones.
Then again I rather play games like Kingdome Come Deliverance and make potions :p
SO I might skip this game too bad it's so demanding for proc. speed in order for it to work.
Good for cell phone sales though if that matters to anyone.
Picked up a Samsung S9 fo the game launched it love it already. Seems you can use the WIFI to setup like Pokemon GO anway before you go outside and look for AR hot spots.
This game is so hardcore you get a achievement for visting "Five different Countries" so if you air travel alot it's easy to get that achievement.

This game is so awesome lol it's like a Complex Pokemon Go I fought in a fortress for the 1st time also went to a Inn and Green house.
I love the combat compared to Pokemon Go's simple combat. This game uses alot of Data though I mean I used 370 megs in one day. Not sure if alot of that was from
making potions in my Honda's glove compartment.

thank marlin for letting me find this thread
I'm going through the HP phase right now (don't know how else to name it xd)
rereading books and rewatching all the movies
I even play that old PC game of the goblet of fire ))

AND somehow I completely forgot about the era of technologies we're living inane all those apps that I can install on my phone
om my, think I'm some kind of dinosaurs