ah didnt see the /s. Sorry so many people on that bandwagon it is hard to see which ones are joking.
Hehe, i get it... it always comes up, and with demands as absurd as mine... I should have upped the sarcasm to more impossible numbers thinking about it..
Hmm a bike won’t do at all here. Snow plus Ice plus a million SUV’s. I however could see this for 10k or so as a daily commute quite abit south.
Most bikes in that weight class (or price bracket) aren't bought for economy, they are bought for freedom, lifestyle, or just as a toy. A charge time any longer than a normal fuel up, grabbing a snack and a piss, and stretching your legs (i.e. 15-30 minutes) wipes out the freedom category if all your stops have to be measured in hours, and I wouldn't even consider an iron butt ride on an electric.
I would think a company like Tesla with access to low cost batteries (built by them) could market a much cheaper and faster alternative. It would be nice to see some innovation in design instead of two wheels, one behind the other to maybe two outward wheels with a self balancing pod cockpit in the center. Would be like a Jedi knight feeling at 160mph!! weeeeeeeee........

Robert Jordan
Winnsboro Texas
I've been excited since they first announced it.

BUT.....my greatest fear about this has come true. Pricing. Just too far out of my price range. No way can I afford to toss down 30K for a motorcycle.

Aren't all their bikes expensive.

At least they removed the douche nozzles.

My Honda CBR600 has loud pipes, but I wish it didn't. Few choices after a traffic accident some years ago, so I bought aftermatket pipes that several magazine reviews said were 'not at all loud'. BS. They were some of the loudest pipes made for the bike. And while I'd not deny that they have probably gotten the attention of some sleepy cager from time to time, what saves a biker's ass 99 times out of 100 is sensible riding and situational awareness.

Here's a column by Sean MacDonald over at Revzilla from a few years ago, saying it better than I possibly could:

All that said, I think the future of electric bikes is exciting. The first trailbreakers will always be expensive, but these things slowly trickle down to be considerably more affordable if the demand is there. I think everything about the Harley is awesome....except the price.

Quieter is better. I use earplugs on long trips because reducing wind noise also reduces fatigue. If you want to wake up cagers, install an air-horn. Works better than loud pipes (since it faces forward!) and doesn't kill your hearing with endless droning.

I think something like a GL1800 is a better choice for electric since it has the frame size to mount a big battery low; would make for a surprisingly nimble battle-wagon.