Hardware Vs. Software for larger servers?

Jan 4, 2006
Been trying to catch up on all this.
And it would seem port multipliers are getting bigger
Are these supported by most motherboards now or is a card needed?
As it seems win10 etc. all support raid and expansion options now, and pretty easily.

I'm trying to decide which way to best go to reach 16-24 ports on a preferebly windows machine?

Any input or thoughts? Havn't gotten a mobo yet, so wondering if there's one with say 6 ports that supports multpliers etc.

Thanks guys, glad to finally be back into this.

Something like that? with a 4 or 5 port card/mobo that handles multiplying? This could be mounted in the cable management portion of the case for greater ease of use?


Jul 8, 2001
After some more digging I think this may be best option
5x8TB in Raid 5 would give a pretty good single

Raid-5 with >2TB drives is a bad idea.

The easiest way to do it now depends on how many drives you need. A 8-port SATA/SAS card like the Dell H310 flashed to Non-Raid mode will give you 8 SATA ports with the right cables. If you need more ports you can use something like a Intel RES2SV240 SAS expander and do 20+ drives.