HardOCP event in August?


Fully [H]
Apr 29, 2005
Seems like every six months a event is scheduled and I'm sure its a massive undertaking to coordinate an event.

Is there going to be another one this year?

These are always so fun to go to. :p
I am pretty sure it is once a year... I might be mistaken...but the only hardocp event I know of that they do anymore is the GamExperience....
I can tell you we are working on an event ;)

But I can give you a hint it... Might not be in Dallas.....
I hope there's a BYOC and all that this year, but even if not I'm still going. Last year was good stuff, [H] puts on a great event.
hopefully its seattle.. hint hint.. i'll drive the 5 1/2 hours there if it went there.
Sad news to report. No event in this summer :)

Timing and other issues came up so instead of doing a half ass event we passed on it. After the holidays we will look into putting another one together and hopefully announce something ASAP.
well since HardOCP is based in DFW, I doubt it will move, which is fine by me, I just life 90 miles from Dallas :D
God no, let's just let Texas leave the US. You guys don't like us and we don't like you!
Shot down in flames. Been working on it for over a year and we could not pull something really cool together for a backbone. :(