Hard Gaming Origin ID List

Origin ID: 3DW00D
Playing BF3 PC.

Copy and Paste it, it has two "zeroes" instead of "O"s.
why doesn't someone create a [H] platoon in battlelog? that would be easier than having a bunch of "random" names in your list and it would give a centralized place to find [H] members to play with.

edit: Nevermind. Did a platoon search and I found the [H]ard|Gaming one.
for anyone else that doesn't know about it, http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391302414975/
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Plus it says the Platoon is full :(
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BF3 anyone? Need to team up with someone to learn/share some tips.
Add me: TIceCold9
Rookie here but my ID is Colta1ne. Played for the first time and was a bit lost so I'm definitely up for some Vent and BF3 team play.
Hey my name is actually: Bowhuntr11

I know it bucks the trend here...so that you actually know who you are playing with...

I'd really like to try playing BF3 with some people using voice chat and working together!

always playing the assault class. got my IR scope and killing it.
Add me as Brak710

I play on Hard servers mostly, and often try to get games going on our empty ones.
Origin ---> getfunk
Steam --> getfunk
xFire --> getfunk
Steam --> getfunk

Feel free to add me on all fronts.
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