Hard Drive Question - Laptop Related


Limp Gawd
Aug 26, 2003
Since I'm on a laptop, I'm stuck with a 40 gig drive. What's the most effecient way to getting antoher hard drive? Should I go with a hard drive kit and a regular ide hard drive or should I go the external route? I'm thinking I get more out of my money if I get the kit and antoher regular hard drive. The reason I want antoehr one is maybe to drop linux on it while I can still have my window xp OS on my laptop.
no I wasn't going to get an internal one.

external kit with usb and antoher hard drive or just a external usb hard drive.
I hope you mean usb 2.0 or firewire (iLink for sony?) for an external drive. if you don't, it'll be sloooowww...
you can get PCMCIA firewire and USB2.0 cards. :)
USB 2.0 is technically faster than firewire. In practice ive seen firewire seems to be faster than usb 2.0. Only other difference is usb 2.0 is more widespread, and so you're external HD would work on more things.