hard drive enclosures


Feb 12, 2003
I had a laptop go south and want to retrieve some files off the old hard drive. I'm looking for a cheap docking station or enclosure so that I can put the old drive into it and recover the data. Anyone have any suggestions as to a cheap drive enclosure or adapter for this purpose? I think this Toshiba drive is an SATA II or III as my old enclosure won't take the pinout on the drive.
Make sure it is a SATA hard drive first. I had a hitachi laptop which sort of looked like a sata connector but was their own. But the 2 laptops I have since 2010 both have sata connectors and connect to any new USB - SATA bridge boards. I use the bridge boards that come with the external backup drives to move data over and they seem to work just fine, since the 12V AC/DC adapter also powers the drive and the USB port also supplies power.. But I have noticed that even recent laptops have their own ports for CD/DVD drives and they are not the standard ones for some reason.