Hard drive data question


Sep 16, 2004
I had 2 WD 640gb hard drives in a raid running windows 7. My PSU died and I built a new PC. I have an SSD running windows 10 now. Is there a way to get my pics and stuff off of the WD hard drives without hooking them back up to the old setup? I would have to dismantle a lot to get this PSU back out to hook up the old motherboard and cpu...which are in boxes. Thanks for any help
The answer depends on what type of raid you were using. I mean if you were using raid1 you have a chance that you can just stick 1 of the 2 drives in the new PC and read it as a normal drive. If you were using raid0 then you need both. If you were using OS raid you can stick both drives in the new PC and use the raid with no issue. If you were using motherboard raid Intel is backward compatible with itself however other chipset manufactures may not be. Also don't expect to be able to switch chipset manufacturers and read.
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It was raid 0 with an amd chip..I have intel now. I tried booting with the old drives and it's a no go
I expect that you will have to use the old motherboard to read the drives.
Yea you are going to need to hookup the old setup with both drives to access that info.

I would not keep storage like photos etc on a RAID0 setup, that is just asking for trouble IMO. With SSD's as cheap as they are now, RAID0 rarely has a purpose. Other forms of redundant raid do make sense though.
I've never been able to get another RAID chipset to read a RAID 0 array from another RAID chipset. Now, I have occasionally been able to go from one Promise chipset to another Promise chipset, from LSI to LSI, etc, etc - but never between different manufacturers.

I'm not saying it is impossible, just reporting my personal experience.