Hanns-G HG-281DP 27.5" Monitor back to $299 Shipped

Mannn I just bought this Tuesday. Paid $312 and thats after $39.99 Bing cashback.
I bit on this when it was $290 a couple of weeks ago, and really like this bad boy. It's a TN panel, so some of the blacks aren't quite as black near the edges, but overall, great buy for the money. No dead pixels, no backlight bleeding, and it performs like a champ when playing TF2. No ghosting, no input lag, just nice views. Highly recommend this guy.

Only problem is explaining to the fiancee why we need a 28" monitor...
I plan on telling her that its like puppies....the lil 28 was so lonely and needed a friend! :D
just picked one of these up locally off craigslist, very nice monitor indeed for the money
I've had one of these for over a year now (probably about 1 1/2) and still love it. I paid over $400 back then and it was $$ well spent. Only way I'll give it up is when the 30" models come down to reasonable prices.
There are two models. One has a height adjustable stand, one does not. HG281DPB(Silver stand) is not height adjustable. HG281DJB(Black stand) is height adjustable.
Bought 2 of these the other night for $540 after bing CB. Can't wait until Tuesday!
Can I also watch TV on this since it has HDMI out?

It has an hdmi in, and you could watch tv on it as long as your cable box has an hdmi output. You can hook it up to anything that has an hdmi output.

My guess is that the other 28" is the same panel as this one. They both have the same pixel pitch and resolution, so they should be the same size. My 27.5" has 28" on the box, it's just a difference in what number newegg advertises.

The contrast is the same on both (800:1), the lower price one is slightly brighter, and the higher price has a slightly better viewing angle. All in all, they are pretty close.

That being said, I'm sure some people would pay to have the height adjust.

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Both of mine came in yesterday.... man these things are beasts. No dead pixels and great gaming quality so far. Highly recommended.